09 May 2015

Bird Bath with a Vintage Vibe / DIY

If you've been following my Facebook posts ( and you should, of course!) you know that we had a long, long, hard winter in our neck of the woods (southern CT) - as did many other areas.  

As soon as the first half decent day hit at the middle to end of April, I went full gear into garden mode.  (If you saw the inside of my house, you wouldn't question this.)  If there is a hint of sunshine and a smidgen of warmth, I'm out there.  I mean, out there.  And, being no spring chicken anymore, I'm one tired gal when I finally quit each day.  But, all that being said, I LOVE it - in a big way.  

I will be sharing photos of my garden on my Facebook page as soon as I get organized enough to do so.  When I moved into the house last May, there was nothing more there than a mound of dirt with a tarp thrown over it.  I'm working fast and furious on creating a sanctuary that is attractive to birds and butterflies, and a place for me to relax, unwind, entertain, and listen to the sounds of life around me.

Having created the "bones" or framework, I am now into the plantings and creating/selecting elements or accents to give it my personal touch.  You know, the fun part. One of the projects on my list was a birdbath - not the Lowes / Home Depot version, but something with a vintagey  (is that even a word??) vibe.  Now, all I needed were the components...

While on one of my weekly jaunts to a local thrift store last week, I found an old lamp that called my name.  While the tag said it was not in working order, that was of NO interest to me in the least!  I was intent on utter dismantlement anyway ... and, the price was dynamite - non-working, and no shade, worked on my behalf!

the lamp came with instant patina !
 Having instantly decided what I would use the base for, I headed to the glassware department (OK - the metal shelving unit the next aisle over).  I zeroed in on this glass  bowl, both because I thought it would be perfect for my project, AND it had a white  sticker, so  it was fifty percent off.  (don't you love it when that happens?)  I also  selected a small  glass bowl  to put in the middle of the larger bowl for a "perch" for the  birds.

  I had recently read a blog post from a gal who was making cup and saucer bird feeders.  I googled the blog to see what adhesive she had used, and headed next to Lowes to see if it was available.  It was - I was on a roll!

  The rest is history ... once home, the gluing process was a snap.  I waited 24 hours for it to cure, and into the garden it went!

  I think once the flowers and other plantings fill in, it will look right at home - do you agree???        

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