07 April 2015

Vintage Suitcases ... The Retake

I purchased a vintage suitcase at an estate sale recently.  It was back against a wall in the attic, behind some piles of various storage boxes.  It called to me.

Was it, do you think, the wear on the leather handle, or the decal initials, M.J.W.????  The textured surface, perhaps...

It may have been the integrity of the brass clasps and fittings...

I think it was the combination of all these things ...  and then the labels, of the destinations and means of travel, that compelled me.

Whatever the draw, the price was right, so home it came.  And, the case remains in the living room where it landed, until I decide where, in the decorating scheme, it will arrive at its final destination.  (at least until I decorate again!)

Vintage suitcases have retained their popularity over the years, both for their original functionality and for their versatility in a retake - ways of putting them to good use in some new fashion.  

Here's a few retake themes: 

From ohmy-creative.com, a vignette composed of various vintage items nestled within, and stacked up on other vintage cases:

A vintage trunk become a rolling bar, after some remodeling, and the addition of some casters:  

Restyled as a craft supply storage or travel case:  from inspireco.blogspot.com

Or, simply decoupage the exterior with scrapbook paper, vintage maps, or paper of your choosing:


In wedding mode?  Still popular among bridal couples as a wedding card drop-off:

And, one more idea:  a great little side table from decoist.com

Amazing that such a "common" everyday item can take on so many forms - to delight, function, and appeal!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and might share your thoughts ... (click below)  I always appreciate, and enjoy, your input!

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