01 February 2014

From The Super Bowl Sidelines ... a short take

I'm not a HUGE football fan.  I like the game well enough, and do enjoy watching games, more often when I "know" the teams and the players.  Tomorrow I will watch more for the hype and hoopla, the commercials, the entertainment factor.  And that I will enjoy.

I AM a fan of Renee Fleming and relish the idea of seeing her spin on The Star Spangled Banner.  This is the first time an opera singer has performed at the Super Bowl, and being an opera fan to an extent, I think it will be a nice tribute to our national anthem.

What has even more impressed me about the pre-game hype was a comment made by Derrick Coleman from the Seattle Seahawks.  I didn't know, until reading it in the NY Times on Friday, that Darryl inexplicably lost his hearing at the age of three, and is the first deaf player to play in the Super Bowl.  That amazes me - thinking of all the hurdles (no pun intended!) he has had to overcome to achieve this goal.  Yow.

But it appears that, for years, Darryl has taken this in stride and his comment, when asked over and over by reporters about what he thought about being a role model for deaf people, was a winner.

Simply stated, he says "If you want really something, you find a way to make it happen."

Kudos to you, Darryl.  You've not only raised the game a notch for me, but given all of us something to remember as life sets up those (stumbling) blocks.

What are your thoughts?

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