22 May 2013

Architectural Elements . Garden Sanctuary . Stone Textures . Images for Free!

I don't consider myself a "real" photographer in any manner, shape, or form.  But, that being said, I like to take pictures. 

I most often take them for my Etsy shops and website, and, of course, I seldom resist the chance to take pics of my grandkids.  And, when I'm off enjoying a new locale for whatever reason, I'm never without my camera or cell phone snapping away at things that catch my eye.

And, so, from time to time, I'll share these images with you - for your use in whatever way you choose to use them.  For my use, I store them in a folder in my photo editing program and utilize them for backgrounds, collage, my website, this blog, and more.  Many of them are rustic, and there's a lot of nature elements, too.  If you're so inclined, I'd love to hear or see how you use them ( send along an image or two...)

Without further ado, these are some images I took last Sunday, in the rain, in Hoboken, NJ.  No comments, no descriptions - just images.  Would love to know what you think, and/or how I could make these images more useful to you ...

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  1. Wonderful images! I shared my favorites on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing them.


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