06 April 2013

Armed ... and Potentially Dangerous

Like everyone else in this neck of the woods, I'm more than anxious for S.P.R.I.N.G., and it sure is taking it's sweet time getting here this year.  But ... the other day, there was a glimpse, a mere glimmer ... some sun, a bit of warmth, not AS windy as it has been ...

So, yes, I took advantage.  I armed myself, lined up my victims, planned my attack, gathered my ammunition, and went for it...

The victims:
unmatched stained wooden candlesticks

a metal wire dress form, wooden compote and tiered server (with brass)

12 inch Kraft paper mache letter
Plan of Attack:  Make the candlesticks, compote and tiered server shabby chic, distressed looking.  Ditto on the dress form.  The letter:  try to closely duplicate the look of the letters recently seen in Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and some of the upscale decor magazines, but without the cost.  (The letter was purchased for $4.49 (minus a 40% coupon) from Joanns.

The ammunition: 
 ...and, a sanding sponge!

 The outcome:  No contest!   Here's the results...

For so little work, and just a couple of dollars of investment, a whole new look for each of the items.  So much more to my liking;  I hope you'll think so, too.  Next time, expand my color options - now that I know how effortless it was.   Have you had luck with similar projects?  Link away!!!

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