09 February 2013

Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

..... and snow it did!  At last estimate on the radio, Milford got hit the hardest in the area, at (they say) 38 inches.  I can't attest to that much, but it sure was a lot.

The fence (just for the record!) is a six foot fence.  Our local roads are still closed.  Oh dear, what's a woman to do???  PLAY, I say, play...and play, I will!

After doing some OK, a LOT of shoveling, I gave the house a quick pick up and threw in a load of laundry.  Chores done!!

Listed a few new items in my Etsy shops:

sweet little collectible set of salt and pepper shakers from Japan
rather unique hanger I found somewhere - love its graphic nature
This one, on nestibles:

commercial labeling tags which I stained and packaged in coin envelopes
I'm loving the new font I found that I used for the packaging - it's called "traveling typewriter".  I downloaded it from dafont. The internet still totally amazes me sometimes - I so love it when I have an idea and can implement it with a few clicks on a keyboard.  This is exactly what I conceptualized, and bingo! there it was.

Off to the upstairs office, where I should have started sorting my tax papers, but was drawn instead to my die cut machine.  My creative focus of the moment (and you know it fluctuates depending upon what has inspired me lately or caused me to think) is paper products, aged and stained and distressed to perfection - or colored in spring colors, longing for the change of seasons.

This is where my muse took me:

fold and tuck envelopes

the color:  robins egg blue
and, my last project of the day - a new dyed clothespin color I'm calling "melon" ...

Amazing how quickly the day goes when you're having fun!  The best part - tomorrow's Sunday.  Hmmm...wonder what I'll find to do???  I could just RELAX, but that's not likely!

So many ways to spend a "free" day...


  1. 38" is a CRAZY amount of snow, glad I'm in England! I'm only 5 foot tall, I might never be seen again if I went into your yard. Keep warm!

  2. Thanks so much, Heather, for stopping by, and for giving me a chuckle. It is pretty amazing! I haven't seen snow like this since I was a little girl, and that's FEW (!) years ago.

  3. Oh how fun to find your blog. Thanks tons for the visit and your gracious comments. I really do enjoy our garden and everything always tastes sooooooooo good fresh. Hugs, Marty

  4. Just love the clothes pins! Love that color!


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