12 February 2013

Chivalry is Very Much Alive...

Just had to share.

We've had a couple of tough storms here along the coast of CT recently, namely Irene, Sandy, and now Nemo.  They take their toll in a variety of ways, and it upsets me when people's homes and ... sometimes, sadly, lives are jeopardized and compromised.

This last storm was no exception.  There's still a ton of snow out there, schools remain closed, and I heard this morning that there is yet another storm on the way.  Punxsutawney Phil was way off his mark this year...

I've been working at home since Friday.  Granted, the first few days are a novelty.  Working in my sweats, cooking up a storm, "puttzin" around, as I call it.  But, no excuse this morning.  I could get out of my driveway and stuck to the bigger roads on my way to the studio.  Have some shipments that must go out.  And I have to admit to a mild case of an overdose of home confinement.

My studio is in a business complex, in a row of offices kind of like a strip mall.  The building is one of many owned by the D'Amato Brothers here in Milford. There's a good sized parking lot and nice access.  As I approached the building, I could see that the parking lot had been plowed.  Phew!

Pulling in to the lot, I saw that WOW! the walkway to the studio had been shoveled.  Yippee!

OOPS!  Looking to the right, I noticed that the walkway to my warehouse was:

Inside, grabbed the snow shovel and put myself to task.  It IS a pretty day today, and I did say I wanted some fresh air, didn't I?  I began to tackle the job...

But, lo and behold, moments later I heard a truck behind me and turned...and to my eyes did appear

a payloader!  The kind gentleman didn't say a word, and took over the task.  And...when he was too close to the building to scoop, he got out of his truck, took my shovel and finished the job.

the warehouse walkway

There's often a lot of negativity in our world, and too often, people go unrecognized for the positive deeds they do each day.  I just want to publicly thank Bill (the good samaritan) and the D'Amato Bros. (for whom Bill works) for being good neighbors, and helping out a gal in need!

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  1. Restores one's faith in human kind, doesn't it? One of my daughters describes the after effect as a "warm fuzzy feeling". Glad you had a White Knight nearby!

    Isobel: www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com


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