23 February 2013

Bookworm Turned Bibliophile

One would only have to visit my studio to know that I love old books.  A bona fide bibliophile.  The look, the feel, the fonts, the age, the knowledge that they have been read and enjoyed in their time.

torn and tattered, thick and thin, I love them all!

As a young girl, I always had my nose in a book.  A bookworm.  An avid reader, books were a source of entertainment, escape, intrigue, adventure for me....  I probably read just about every series that was out there in the 60's for a young girl to get her hands on.  Wish now I had saved those multitudes of volumes I read.

yes, and The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Anne of Avonlea, Sue Barton Student Nurse, to name a few...

Today I rarely sit and read a book from cover to cover, but I have found other avenues to enjoy books, and thus find it hard to resist the book sections at thrift shops and estate sales.  Atlases, books on birds and nests, and other nature and gardening books are totally irresistible to me.  Then there's books on technique.  Oh, and old cookbooks.  And I do love childrens books with wonderful illustrations ... You get the idea, I'm sure.

Certain books I'll keep intact, and they become part of my reference collection.  Other books I'll recycle or repurpose to keep them from the landfill.

I've tried my hand at creating book journals and enjoyed the process.  Like this one in one of my Etsy shops:

a simple composition book, upcycled into a travel journal

A few months back I puchased a Zutter Bind-It-All to try my hand at spiral binding some books.   Not wanting to ruin the old books I decided to take an online course to learn how to do it right. (and because the instruction leaflet left too much to the imagination...) In my repertoire I have some books that define a theme, like this one:

nice cover for a travel journal - yes?
And, for the garden, perhaps this - but then again...this one may have to go to the reference library. A very interesting read!

Some of the vintage childrens' books I've found have the most wonderful illustrations.  I'll have to go through my stash of frames and fit the pictures to frames like Robin has done here in her Etsy shop, thelongacreflea.

And also thinking.  Birdhouses with book themes. Book stacks for home decor.  Old books made into purses.  As a pre-teen, I READ books - now, I create with books and marvel at what one can do with an old, tattered book that has lost its readability.  Never would I have imagined!

Perhaps, in some fashion, once a bookworm, always a bookworm????  A different take on the appreciation a book can give, both equally rewarding. 

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