30 December 2012

Vintage Cake Pans + Rolling Pin + a Snowy Winter Afternoon =

... a fun, new creative project.  We took the holiday decorations down late this morning - yes, a little early perhaps, but I had an almost willing helper ( he was promised bribed with a tuna salad sandwich on toast when we got done), so I decide to seize the moment... That being done, it left a little time to play a bit.

I saw an image on Pinterest that has been hanging around in my brain since I saw it.  Clever, I thought. Perhaps I can repurpose those cake pans and tins that called to me at Goodwill the other day.   I knew I'd find a good use for them at some point.  Oh, and the rolling pin collection I seem to have started.  And, almost forgot, then there's the lamp base that I wondered what attracted me to it.  (oh, yes, I know why, because it has RED on it - it's hard for me to resist something metal that has the color RED on it.  (Note the fruitcake tin :/ ....  red + metal! )

This is the image that lit the spark...

cute studio or kitchen organizer -  yes????  I thought so!
I took the rolling pin to the garage and chop sawed it into three pieces - two ends and a middle.  Took my sanding pan and smoothed the cut edges.

Using the lamp base as the organizer base, I then began the task of layering the cake pans with the wooden rolling pin segments.  (larger pan on bottom, smaller on top)  I used E6000 glue - pretty lethal smelling stuff,  but it sure holds and it dries pretty quickly.
base + first layer
The trickiest part for me was centering the pieces so the rolling pin looks like one continuous piece when the "structure" is complete.  I recommend using a level and drawing some guidelines on the pans if you can.  I think I did okay!  (admittedly, the angle of MY photos makes it look a bit off, but it IS level!)

On a roll, and with parts still available, I made a second.  Overall, the project was fast and easy, and I think the finished piece is quite versatile.  Thinking, in the studio, to fill with paints, glues, clips, ribbons, tools and more.  On the first organizer, there were holes in the bottom pan layer that I could actually feed twine through to dispense it.  Cool! 

Great home decor item to create an arrangement with or around.  I hope to try a smaller one for paper clips and other little desktop necessities. (mini pans and a kids rolling pin)

I could get hooked on these - like I need another project.  I truly believe that if I lived to be 1000 yrs. old, I would never run out of things I just MUST try!  I bet you can relate to that...


  1. Awesome! They look great.

  2. Thanks, Cate - you know I love a new, fun project!


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