17 December 2012

Repurposing Letterpress Trays - simple box, big impact!

A simple box, the letterpress tray ... a compartmented box, a vintage wooden box with various sized partitions.  Originally used to hold typeset/letterpress blocks or printers blocks, metal or wooden type letters.  In and of themselves, the letters - so interesting, and so much fun to play with.   Think assemblage, mixed media, graphic ... and full of character.

But, the box ...

just basic, simple construction.  It requires precision to get those little sections just right, for sure, but, not ornate or embellished much.

All sizes, shapes , and configurations ...

large style, from an Etsy shop
It's the repurposing of these boxes that makes them so special, and so in demand right now. 

Storage,  yep!  Great way to label and separate items to make them easy to find:

from " hello mr fox " on Flickr

I purchased this one recently, complete with hooks:

too dark for my liking, but a little sanding and some paint, and it's ready for the big time...
Perhaps, for this:   oh, my!

Celebrate a holiday or a season for great home decor:

from a blog

Hang on a wall, stand on a tabletop, or ... create a table - ideas abound!

Put an artistic spin on it ... assemblage, mixed media - a great "canvas"...

And, among my favorites, personalize one for a fabulous gift ... including mementos of good times.

A far cry from the original intent for usage of these printer trays or boxes - but what a great "venue" for creativity without bounds!  Have you tried one yet???

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  1. this is nyc collection , i really love these letterpress trays and they are so very managed ,,,,,


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