30 November 2012

Another Week in Etsy Land

I was just sitting here wondering where the time goes, and YOW! has it really been that long since I posted on my blog???  Well, yes, Karen, it has.  Dear me!

So it's like we've only been home one weekend out of the last 2-1/2 months with weddings, fun travel, a sad death in the family, and babysitting with the grand kiddos.  No regrets about any of the last sentence - NONE! - but it does cut into one's time.

And then, thinking further about what goes on during the week to see where does the time actually go.  I know I get up each morning between 6:30 and 7AM, thankful for another day.  I do the usual breakfast, shower, gather my thoughts and necessary belongings, and am on my merry way to the studio, and spend the greater part of my day there.  (OK - so sometimes I digress, and head out to my usual haunts to see what I can't resist and HAVE to have for my two Etsy shops, website, and soon-to-be Studio Shop)

A recant of some of what consumed this Etsy week, in addition to the everyday listings, shipments, convo messages, and more...

1. took an order for an additional 700 hand-dyed clothespins for Delia's, a nationwide clothing retailer (have previously dyed 11000 for them.  Signature color - Delia's Sunshine Yellow) They found me in my Etsy shop under this listing.  Ordered the supplies, prepared/sent invoice.

2. dyed thirty wooden eggs "robins egg blue", specled them brown, and filled ten berry nests with vintage music shred and the eggs, packaged and shipped them to a gal in New Mexico for a May wedding

3. shipped a red lantern to the Ralph Lauren offices on Madison Ave. in Manhattan

4. prepared for a Holiday Faire by pricing and labelling about 150-200 items, packing them up, and preparing inventory sheets of the items.  Then, my good buddy, Cate, (thanks, good friend!) and I trekked to Madison, CT to set up the display for the four day sale.

one of our tables - this one, a compilation

Had some lunch and a well-deserved cold beer, and...

2. Feeling accomplished, we decided to take a detour, to a place where the pickin' is usually good.  We were not disappointed!  This is my "haul" for a grand total of $54.00.

vintage books, a great wooden Pinocchio, a Vernonware CA divided plate, old dominoes, a 1940's Scrabble game, a vintage food grinder, a really clean, almost new, American Girl doll, a vintage GE toaster oven - that's the short list!

two wooden table legs I can't wait to play with
a perfectly rusted rack with hooks

this job requires latex gloves!
Having put it in print, now I get where my time goes!

And, the best part, I still LOVE my job!!!!

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