07 October 2012

The Faces of Fall

One by one
the leaves fall.

No sound 
as the showers of pine needles
flitter through the air 
to their final nesting place 
on the ground below.

The only sound
is the rat.a.tat.tat
of the woodpeckers
in a distant tree.

The little song birds 
darting here and there
in hopeful anticipation
of the filling of the feeders.

The colors
intense and beautiful.
Their last hurrah.

The faint smell
of pot roast
simmering on the stove inside.

I do so already miss 
the little hummingbirds
and hope their journey to and fro 
is a safe one.

Fall has descended
on the Bog
and there is much to do
to prepare
for the winter 
that lies ahead.

Hope you are enjoying a splendid Fall Sunday!

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