02 October 2012

It's an Attitude Problem

I didn't intend to blog about this today ... but decided to switch gears a bit and get on the podium.

I turned 65 the other day. 

The number itself is a tad intimidating;  it seems somehow OLDER than 64 did, if you get my drift. But I have to say, honestly, I don't feel (physically), much different than I felt 20 years ago.  I had a few aches and pains then, too.  And, mentally, I don't think I've lost it yet.  Whatever it is.

For months, I've been inundated with mail about which Medicare plan I should take.  Yesterday, I received this in the mail.


According to the literature, I might qualify for the Valuable Planning Help Guide if  I return the questionnaire within 15 days.  No, thank you.

I'm not being naive or unrealistic.  I know I'm going to die someday.  Everyone does.  Everyone.  I'm just not ready for people to look at me differently, or treat me differently because I say I'm 65.

I still very much intend to get up every morning, create something everyday, learn new things, and kick up my heels when I feel like it!  I'm not old.  Like every other person on this earth, I'm just aging, and not too shabbily, I don't think.


I'm just not in a hurry to get old, to not be able to do the things I do everyday, to live fully and happily without being a burden to anyone.  And I hope no-one minds that I plan to be around for quite sometime yet, because ... yes, I'm 65.

I'm ONLY 65.

so sorry ...source unknown.


  1. Damn straight!

    (that lovely quote is by Jill Krasner)


    1. Thanks for keeping me in line! I have to tell you the impetus for this post was when I stopped for coffee on the way in this morning, and asked for a senior discount. The "young-un" behind the counter jokingly asked for my ID, saying I looked really good to be "that old"! Gotta love it!

  2. Age is in the mind, anyway! Also, in my household we do not age, grow old or any such thing: we MATURE. Do think (from the vantage point of nearly 72!) that maturing sounds so very much more POSITIVE!

    Good on you! Go for it!

  3. You, as well, Isobel. The day I get up in the morning and have lost that "zing!" you might as well put me away!

    Nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well. I'll be by to visit!

  4. Remaining creative and involved in the world of nature around us keeps us forever young!

  5. I couldn't agree more. Just the creative process alone keeps the mind keen and processing ... a very good thing! Thanks for visiting, Cathy!


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