18 September 2012

A Wedding to Remember

I've been to many weddings in the course of my lifetime.  Big and small, fancy/shmancy, plain and simple.  They've come and they've gone, enjoyed for the moment, as well as for the importance they held for that moment of my life.

I had the pleasure to attend a wedding this weekend that was a wedding to remember.  It was not a large wedding in the sense of size / number of people.  It wasn't glitzy or flamboyant.  It was an event where attention to detail was totally but quietly evident. No cooky cutter affair here.

A wedding with personality and style.  Panache.  Emotion.  Flair.

A wedding you reflect on after the fact because you want to remember every little detail that made it so special. 
A wedding to remember.

Putting aside for now the wonderful feeling of warmth, intimacy, and sense of family that emanated from the affair, let me give you a glimpse into the setting of the wedding, which provided the backdrop for its success. 

The wedding was held at a sweet little place in Washington Square, Philadelphia, called Talula's Garden.  The rustic courtyard garden setting could not have better served the "flavor" of the event. 

It was a picture perfect day.   Brilliant blue skies, a hint of clouds.  Comfortably cool.  Delightful!

For the ceremony, mismatched chairs were set up in the open air garden courtyard area of the restaurant.  

The first few rows were labelled with simple, torn-edge tags for the bridal party and immediate family.

Lights twinkled overhead, strung in trees, and along trellises and arbors.

Rustic wooden flower planters, resplendent with vines, flowers, and foliage plants, filled the brick walls on both sides of the courtyard.

The rustic wood box planting theme was carried inside to the serving area, as well.

Pallets lined the back wall.  Clever wall treatment, beautifully done!

A section of wall space was filled with salvaged, functional plumbing fixtures, dripping water into a large zinc tub.  Creative water feature!

A slab of reclaimed wood attached to a metal base made a great service table.

Two little birds adorned the place markers for the luncheon tables in the main dining area inside.

The luncheon service and food did not disappoint either.  The food was fresh, creative, and beautifully presented - paying homage to the farm-to-table philosophy the restaurant adheres to, and does so well.  Quite simply, as good as it gets.  The waitstaff, attentive and engaging, seemed to intuitively know what, when ... and how.

You wouldn't want, I think, a wedding to be remembered solely for the setting it took place in.   But the overall ambiance at Talula's Garden gave the affair free rein to be what it was meant to be - a wedding to be remembered, to be relished and enjoyed even after the event was over.

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  1. Loved this post - made me want to go right there! The wedding sounded lovely, personalized, not cooky cutter. Want that zinc tub feature in my garden!


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