05 August 2012

Creating a Photo Collage - EZ!!!

Just had to share!

Ever since the online site, Picnik, closed shop a few months ago, I've felt a real loss in working with the images I use personally, and for my Etsy shops.  I use Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album to crop, adjust, and re-size my photos with ease.  I've had the program for some time, and working with it is a comfort zone for me.  Never have to think about it.  And while the finished images may not win photography awards, they work just fine for my purposes.  However, when it came to doing anything more creative, I was feeling what felt like withdrawal pangs.

Forgot to mention, (OK, maybe was embarrassed to...) I HAVE Photoshop Elements - yep! complete, in the box, loaded on my computer, and virtually unused.  Huge learning curve for me.  Can't seem to find those few hours to sit down with it, concentrate on just IT, and get comfortable playing with it.  Somehow, it keeps losing its upper placement rank on the TTD List.  One day, for sure...

Surfing the Etsy forums tonite, I happened on posting where a fellow Etsian was asking for suggestions on just this topic - a fun, easy, creative tool for working with photos.  An application called Picmonkey was recommended.

The person who posted said it was: Free, with no downloads, fun, quick, easy.

Those words have my name written all over them!  Be still my heart, can this be so???

I decided to give it a whirl.  I had just listed this sweet little vintage bluebird salt and pepper set in one of my Etsy shops:

I loaded that image and three other views onto the site and within a matter of minutes, I created a photo collage - REALLY!  LOOK!!!!!  It was one of the easiest things I did all day!

A little playing with "effects" on the original image:

All in a flash...so many other options, too.  I've just shown you a few.....get right over there and give it a whirl.  I trust you'll find it as cool as I did.  

New toy ... happy girl!

Now, excuse me while I go and celebrate with a dish of ice cream...  :)

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