23 July 2012

Reinventing the Wheel ...a new approach

After a few months of planning, scheming, re-thinking, and revitalizing, The Well Seasoned Nest is back with a bang!  I had long felt the need to present a more cohesive approach to this online "business" of mine, perhaps not technically "reinventing the wheel" but coming up with  a new approach, a fresh face, as they say!  After much research and pondering, I decided to integrate this blog into my website, and utilize the site as a shopping venue for products that didn't "fit" my Etsy shops.

You may have noticed the word "business" in quotes.  While I take my work really seriously, my day to day activities are more like "play" for me.  I am blessed to have a fab space I go to each day where I attend to my Etsy tasks - photographing, listing products, packaging, shipping, etc.  I have sufficient space to create, enough tools and supplies to last a century, and great music to entertain me!  It's close to home, and, yahoo! close to my favorite junkin' haunts.  What more could a gal want!  And, if, for whatever reason, I don't want to go to the studio - I DON'T HAVE TO.  I'm my own boss!

The other segment of "the PLAN" is that I am revamping the space to open it for studio sales several set hours a week, and then will set up larger Studio Sales several times a year.  (that part is still in the works...my thinking is to invite other local small biz venues to join me in this)
the entry
a temporary work / pricing table

One of the rooms in the space has great built in shelves to display products on:

I did a display of shutters in the front room to add some life to the white walls - and to utilize for hanging artwork, wreaths, more...

Set up one partial display just to get a feel for the space...

I found this older Ethan Allen cabinet in ReStore (Habitat for Humanity)...dug up an old board from the building archives in the back of the warehouse and painted it a soft shade of avocado green to create a new top.  Ditto the paint on some new knobs.  I intend to use this for a little "check out" counter for the sales.  What do you think?

So I'm on my way!  I'd love you to follow along ... and welcome your feedback.

P.S.  While still in its infant stage (so many products yet to be listed!), the website (www.thewellseasonednest.com) will launch tomorrow or Wednesday.  It's fashioned to be a full shopping site, completed with the excellent and personable assistance of Chi and Joseph at Splash Box Designs.  Drop by in a day or two and check it out!

Till next time...be well!

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