11 March 2012

The Emerging Spring

I always greet the emergence of Spring with great anticipation - it's beauty, it's warmth, the newness, the freshness.  This year is certainly no exception, although different than recent years.  We didn't really have a bleak, dark, long, cold winter here on the
CT shoreline as is normal, but you sure won't hear me complain.

I'm feeling especially light-hearted this year, having almost completed this clothespin project, which, although a large project, provided me with a concrete focus or undertaking to consume and  distract me from winter's cold and dark.  An interesting project in a lot of ways for me, giving me the chance to set up and test a system, an assembly line of sorts, which I enjoyed.  When I boxed and taped the first thousand today (of the eleven thousand total), I must admit, I felt a smile come to my face.  Yippee!  I'm almost home...  I think I can became I know I can!

Kitchen Clothespin Central
1000 boxed clothespins ready to ship!
This morning, I awoke to the sound of birds, earlier than I may have liked as we lost an hour of sleep with the time change, but what a welcome sound!  There is a change in the air!

There have been other harbingers I must share with you, because I know you can relate...

flowering quince blossoms

emerging buds
fresh mustard greens in the kitchen garden
yep!  fresh arugula, lettuce and mustard, picked this morning
inside, the house plants have started their emergence from a winter's rest
It will, I must admit, feel good to be done with clothespins for now, and I am sooooooooooo looking forward to a little trip a week from tomorrow.  Be that as it may, when I return home, I know me well enough that I will be ready for a new project, a new focus.   Wonder what that might be???!!!


  1. Well done! The sense of achievement in getting a task complete simply cannot be replicated! Just love it - it's the motivation that keeps me toy-making!

    Look forward with keen anticipation to hearing what you get up to next: meanwhile, cannot fault the springlike choices you feature!

  2. You go girl!! When I'm working on a project that takes longer than I'd like, I have the tendency to want to quit and move on to something else even though it feels so good to finally get it accomplished!
    Taking a little trip is always so rewarding...I know you'll have a wonderful time.
    Btw, I love your plant in the vintage high chair!! Spring has definitely been showing itself here in OK for the last several weeks!! Trees are leafing out, blossoms galore and plants that I thought had died are showing proof of still being alive!!! What could be better??


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