15 February 2012

Vintage Paper Flower Tutorial - fast and easy!

I'm on a roll here!  Into these art journals and learning more everyday ... and the more I learn, the more I want to!  I love the idea of this blank "canvas" in front of me, begging for adornment
, and some magazine page, billboard, website, whatever gives me an idea or inspires me, and I just have to go create another!

I was in the dollar store the other day and saw these little kids books for yep! $1.  Well, actually, there were two of these little guys in a box for $1, and I bought several.  I thought they would be perfect as a foundation for a book because the pages were so nice and sturdy.  But that's another tutorial post down the road.

This morning I was finishing up the newest little book I made from one of the childrens books, and needed just a little something for the cover, an embellishment of some sort.  I had been playing with some techniques I had read about and simplified one that's a great way to use up paper scraps and can be made in a heartbeat.  It's dimensional so it would be great as a gift wrap adornment, on a journal cover or scrapbook page, strung together as a garland, and more.

For this flower, I used two varying sizes scallop circle paper punches, one by Fiskars that was 1.5 inches and a larger by EK Success that was about 2 inches, both of which I purchased at A.C. Moore with 40% off coupons.  (gotta love it!)  I see no reason why you can't use the same size punch, but I had both, so decided to use them.

Punch some circles from paper scraps - patterned, plain, textured.  I used some vintage sheet music, vintage book pages, and some pretty ivory paper that was leftover from a scrapbook page.

Probably obvious, but the thinner the paper and/or the fuller the flower desired, the more circles you would need.  For the flower above, I used four large and three small circles.

The next step may seem a little weird, but ... scrunch up each of the circles into a little "wad".
"Wad" gently if using vintage papers so as not to tear them.
Then, flatten each of the circles pretty flat.  Layer them one on top of each other with the small ones on top.  Staple the pile in the middle (or glue, if you prefer).  The staple won't show in the finished flower.

Just for example, this is a different flower, stapled in the middle.  For this one, I used a scallop punch with a daisy flower punch to vary it a bit.

OK, back to the original flower:  Starting with the top circle, scrunch each layer up again into the center, one at a time.  Fluff the top and gently push some of the layers down till it resembles a flower shape.

the variation
the original , in place
Beware - these are addictive to make, as they are simple, sweet, and so very quick to make!  Try a few, and let me know how they work out for you, and how you'll use them...


  1. Very cute! I really like how they turned out and I will be giving these a try. Thanks!


  2. That was a great post! Because I've so enjoyed our contacts, today and before, I'm awarding you a Versatile Blogger Award: http://www.stitchsilly.com/2012/02/balance.html

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    Do hope this is acceptable - I've posted a bit more about it at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com tonight.

  3. Hello fellow "versatile blogger" - I found out about you through Isobel (Coldham cuddlies) & I just joined your blog. I love your Vintage Paper flower.
    If you get a chance - please checkout my blog:

  4. nice tutorial. they are like my lace flowers, in that they are addicting to make.


  5. I found you on Linky followers and am now following you! Please visit my page when you have a chance http://queenofsavings.com

  6. Very nice tutorial, the flowers are so pretty, I can see how they may be addictive

  7. You know, these punches are just awesome the way they stimulate our quick creative pursuits.

    Thank you for your contribution to our 'Time for a Party' link-up. Tomorrow we'll open a new party at http://www.finecraftguild.com/party/ and we'd love to see you there then again with a beautiful project like this.

    Till then! Keep up that great creativity!!!

  8. this is gorgeous ... I have made something similar with old dressmaking tissue paper.. love the idea of the staple .. holds it all together ... good one !!!!! hugz to you x

  9. Your flowers came out beautiful!!Thanks for the tutorial.

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