19 January 2012

A Winter Day...We're Going to Pay for This, I Fear

I am as smitten as a pig in "u-know-what".  It's early Saturday afternoon, January 7th.  We're home this weekend (not traveling to the cabin) to catch up a little, dismantle the holiday decor, chat with the neighbors, etc. ... with zero obligations.  (yahoo!)  AND, as if that weren't enough, it's 55 degrees outside. 
My, my.  This is the southeast corner of CT, for goodness sake.  I'm lovin' it.

With quick abandonment to the items on my to-do list, I opted for a walk to the beach, generally unheard of at this time of year.  It was amazing -  like early spring.  I walked all through Morningside at a pretty fast clip, then climbed some rocks along the beach.  I had missed that sound of the waves against the rocks!  There were a lot of people out and about, seizing the same opportunity as I did.  Good physical exercise, and great for the soul!

I couldn't resist a little scavenging along the way - came home with driftwood boards tucked under each arm - and beach stones, sea glass and other beachy fragments in my pockets.  Always on the lookout!
love the blue hued boards....
simply can't resist rusted metal
Back to the Saturday project list awaiting at home (but not without a little longing to paint some signs on those driftwood boards!), I went quickly through the list which allowed some time to "play" a bit.

While walking, my mind had wandered a bit to the direction I wanted to take on some new artsy projects in the works and in my mind.  The "funky junk birds" that I worked on for my Etsy shop (sample below) were a lot of fun to plan and create.  Definitely more of them in the horizon...but I knew I also wanted to create one with some "age" to it, more rustic, rusty.
So I decided to work on some metal pieces I had been saving in the garage to see if  I could age them a bit. I had found this kind of beat up plant holder thing at Goodwill one day with metal parts that were "wings" in my eyes.  I cut the "wings-to-be" off the plant holder with my trusty bolt cutters.  Knowing they were way too brassy and new looking for my rusty intent, I did some quick research about ways to alter the appearance of metal.  I found a site called "instructables" which had a page on rusting metal with common household chemicals.  Perfect!

Took the metal pieces to the kitchen and placed them in a clear glass casserole dish.  I poured a solution of vinegar and table salt dissolved in very hot water over the pieces and set them aside for a good soaking.  A tip on another site suggested putting in a few copper pennies to augment the process.

It took a few days but, poof!  The metal wings had taken on a new look that I was really pleased with.

Now to decide what project to use them on!  I'll let you know.....

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  1. That's yet another way to use vinegar - am never without it in my home! Thanks for the tip, explanations and looking forward to seeing what triumphant finished product arrives in due course!


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