06 January 2012

The Start of a New ... and Very Good Year

Love the positive thinking in the title of this post - yes??

I'm delighted to have a new year beginning - don't know why, but I feel like it's a fresh start, and I needed that.  As much as I love the holidays, they leave me somewhat drained and out of sync.   For some reason (could it be an age thing???) I've done a lot of thinking about this new year - more than I've ever done in the past.  I guess part of it for me was the intensity of care that I willingly and happily gave Dad in his last few years, and now that's he's gone (and still sorely missed!) there are not the same encumbrances on my time.  Quite the opposite, almost three months have passed and I still look at my clock at specific times and think "it's Dad time".  Oh, wait...

Mind you, I've had no trouble filling the time.  There's STILL not enough time in my life for all I want to do.  Never will be.  So I've taken some time to re-think my priorities and decide how I want to proceed with "the rest of my life".

And what have I been up to, you might ask?

On the personal side of life, we've been spending time with family and friends and at our beloved "bog cabin".  Having not been through a winter going back and forth, we've been "winterizing" - getting heat (!) in them there New Hampshire walls, battling with the mice, prepping the garden for its winter rest, and other such mundane but necessary tasks.  Also taken some time to begin a little accessorizing to give the place some signature, some character.

old carriage wheel, full of history and charm
gotta work on those wires, but LOVE my new desk - finally got some blinds up, too
local winterberry - it's everywhere here, much to my delight
found this sweet little coffeepot at a local antiques place ... makes darn good coffee, too!
My Etsy shops had a great Christmas (thank you, thank you).  I've spent the greater part of this week in my studio/warehouse office creating some calm after the storm - and it was bad, really bad.  Three days later, I'm ALMOST done, and then I can start the storage/work area.  OMG, and I thought the office was bad.  I certainly have my work cut out for me...  My goal is to ready the space to run some sales starting in the spring, and have my workshop totally up and running, so I can be more productive.  Yep. Them are LOFTY goals but I'm psyched and focused.  Keep you posted on this one!
the side table adjacent to my desk - now, organized with all the "stuff" I use everyday for my shipments and some tools for creating...love using those tin cans and vintage loaf pans - have them everywhere!
small office but it works!  Now I can actually find things - amazing....
gotta have a few personal touches, natch
Will finish the office part of the project, hopefully, on Monday ... and then on to the bigger challenge.  Kinda like life itself - one step at a time.

Hope your new year is off to a good start ... anxious to get back to my blog reading & commenting to see what everyone else is up to. Till next week, all - make it a good one!  Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. Glad to see you back again - wondered what had been happening. Spring cleaning early is always good - seems to make more sense than at the "proper" time. Look forward to seeing the final result!

    Happy New Year to you - definitely the right title for this post!


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