24 January 2012

Another reason to love Etsy...

Not only is there an AMAZING array of wonderful products on the Etsy site, but on a daily basis I'm blown away by the talent of people from around the world that make such inspiring and creative items.  Seriously!

And the people that you "meet" - both buyers and sellers - are giving, and personable, and engaging.  Another reason to love coming to my studio to "work" everyday, and another reason to love Etsy!

A short bit ago, I posed a question in the Etsy forums.  A simple, but, granted, weird question.  I'm looking for a real, natural, unoccupied (!!!) hornet's nest.  Yes, for real.  Tell you why in a sec.  Within minutes, I had responses from people I will never meet face to face, but took time out of their busy day to respond to my query.  Never ceases to amaze me.

OK - why I am looking for such an obscure item:  I have a studio/warehouse that I work from each day listing, producing, shipping, etc. items for my two Etsy shops.  It's my plan to run seasonal studio sales from here when the weather is conducive.  And I want the place to look good and be inviting.  And, truth be told, I love things of nature, and am REALLY into birds nests - they intrigue me.

So I'm thinking spring and thinking I want to start planning these sales, and want to spruce up the joint.

Above the door to my studio, I have a sign which I've adorned with some tree branches and I want to place a hornet's nest amid the branching.  I'll also do a nest, but I can create or find one of them more easily than a hornet's nest.

Well, there you have it - the story in a nutshell, weird but true.

But, gee, thanks to you all who responded and gave me another reason to love Etsy today!  You're the best!


  1. Hope you find one, it would look lovely :)

  2. Must confess to ignorance as to why a Hornet's nest (potentially nasty, stings proliferating) is preferred to a bird's nest! Look forward to hearing!

  3. I love this, how creative of you to incorporate a hornet's nest and a bird's nest - very yin/yang of you. namaste


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