03 December 2011

A Holiday Hiatus

Still feeling the loss of Dad, but healing ... thanks for the many emails from you wonderful people sharing your kind thoughts, personal reminiscing, and expressions of hope and love ... they have helped so much.  It's a big void in my life to fill, but I will.  I've done it before, and unfortunately, we all do it time and time again as life goes on.

So I will / am taking a few more weeks off and get some holiday spirit cookin' in my heart and life, but didn't want to leave without promising I will be back ( hope you see that as a good thing, and not a threat!) and wishing you some holiday cheer:

*** May love, good health, friendship, and happiness surround you like the garland around your holiday tree. ***
***** May peace abound in your world, and in this troubled world. *****
* May your creative spirit flourish and send its vibe and great energy to all the other creative beings out there. *

Happy, Happy Holidays!

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  1. You are a smart lady. I hope your holidays are filled with love and joy.


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