07 September 2011

After the Hurricane...

We are here at "the bog", enjoying the holiday weekend, but bemoaning the fact that the weekend is coming to an end shortly, and it's back to the work week we go.  I have no complaints, as I love what I do, but, gee willikers, I sure love it here.

It has rained on and off today, although at the moment, it is a steady, pleasant, kind of rain.  Love, love the sound of rain on the metal porch roof.  We've just poured a glass of wine. (Kendall Jackson, delicious toasted oak chardonnay) There's jazz playing in the background, pork chops are marinating and the mango/peach salsa I made an hour ago is mingling its flavors.  Ah - life is good.

We sure earned the relaxation this week.   The hurricane was all-consuming and then, four days later when the lights and power came back on, we played catch-up at home to regain some sense of normalcy, and then packed for this weekend at the cabin.

We arrived Friday night, late.  I got up early Saturday morning, made a pot of coffee, and took my first cup out to the porch - notebook and pen in hand to make a TTD list.  The hummingbirds were feeding with a frenzy ...  delightful to watch!  There's a stack of the "special" sections of the New York Times on the porch table - Home, Metropolitan, Dining, The Arts, Thursday Styles - that I save for weekends, to immerse myself in the design, lifestyle, culture vibe when I'm here and can better absorb without the interruption of the everyday activities at home.  Getting to enjoy some of them is definitely in the cards....

On "THE List" for this weekend, in addition to whittling down that NYTimes pile:

one - re-glue and sand the dining room chairs, put the final finish coat on the dining table top

I'd been eye-ing this set of four chairs for over six months on the porch of an abandoned house near home where I walk along the shoreline in the morning.  When they were finally thrown into a dumpster on the property, I seized the opportunity and brought them home to give them a better life ... in good shape for the most part, they needed re-gluing and, having no finish left on them, were in dire need of some restorative nurturing.  I'm thinking satin black, and perhaps the base of the table the same.

  I finished the top a honey brown, base finish still to be decided

two - hang the deer head over the living room fireplace

Generally speaking, I'm not into the cutesy, country, campy type look, but I have to admit "the deer" (yet to be properly named) looks very comfortable there and serves as a memory of some nice visits to a great antique barn in Northfield, MA that we have to stop at when they're open on our way to/from the cabin.  And it is a "cabin in the woods" after all, right?

three - remove the cushions from two inherited chairs, to be re-covered and used in "The Winter Room"

hmmm - now I need to find fabric.  gotta make a trip to the new fabric store ...
four - remove the finish from an old floor lamp

not sure about this lamp, but I'll give it a shot and see what happens

Now I realize I'm giving you little bits and pieces of the decor of our new little cabin, but, hopefully, soon I'll be showing you the whole enchilada.  Not that any decorating project is ever stagnant - quite the contrary!  For me, always a work in progress, and that's the fun of it - don't you agree?

And, dinner's ready, so I must bid adieu, till next time.....

fresh from the garden goodness...healthy and delish!


  1. Golly gosh - are you going to do all this in a week-end? That's surely not a restful break!! Look forward to seeing the final product(s) though. Happy refurbishing.

  2. Yum on all counts. I can't wait to see the home projects as they progress.

  3. Thank you for returning the compliment on my blog! Interested to hear that your family also includes a Ted called Ed! My second renovation project was all about an Ed Ted (blogs are in my blog archive) circa July/Aug this year. He's sitting, looking at me as I comment here - waiting till his Best Friend can come to collect him. He's a bit big for travelling thru' the postal services!

  4. Mmm... I get what you mean. The rain and the roof make good mood music, similar to when it's a light pouring and you're walking under an umbrella. But that's usually before hurricanes.

    - Gabrielle Jeromy


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