14 August 2011

Cabin Fever ... a severe case

Well, my symptoms aren't classic, but I know for a fact that I have a severe case of cabin fever.  I have it, and I have it bad.  And, I hope, in my case - there is no cure to be found.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a dream of one day having a "cabin in the woods" to escape to.  It isn't that I have a miserable life (I don't!) or I have the need to run away from my everyday life.  I can "escape" to my garden at home or my warehouse/studio to ponder, plan, play.  I love what I do and I love my life, but there was always that allure of having a place that is very different from where I carry on my day to day living ...  to explore, experience and, oh, okay - play with and in.  An adult play house - yep, that's it!

I've had this cabin fever ailment since March - and even with 3 feet of snow all around the place, I was stricken at the initial glance.  Yes, there is love at first sight and, and I sure felt it.  The place had good bones, as it is said.  It FELT good.  Now, with the snow long gone and just nature's beauty all around, I love it even more.

Spending mostly just weekends at this point, we have been working on putting a personal stamp on our "bog cabin".

From plantings ...

to putting our "mark" on the sweet little place with furnishings and finishing touches...

desk crafted from old door and plumbing pipe - tutorial to follow in another post

estate sale find - cedar lined mahogany chest - $25.00 ... yahoo!!!!

it's a repro - but looks really nice on the kitchen counter
If I have to have an ailment, let it be this cabin fever.  Having a place for solitude, family, a oneness with nature, and a creative outlet all-in-one is good for the soul and mental state of mind!

Whether it's a desk in the corner of a room, a place you like to walk to, the garden, wherever ... where is your "escape"?  How do you make your "mark" there?  Love to know...

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  1. Wow, that chest was a super find! Love what you've done so far: look forward to the tutorial - not that I've the skills to actually do anything, but I like to know how it can be done! Keep up the good work! Is the cabin far from where "day to day" life carries on? All the best!


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