26 August 2011

Bracing for the Storm...Lining Up the Projects

I like odd weather - always enjoyed a hearty thunderstorm, and loved a "snow day" when I taught about 1000 years ago.  Nothing like waking with the snow coming down, and listening to a voice on the radio saying "schools are closed" ... hit the snooze button, and drift back to sleep for a bit.  Nice!

That being said, the despair, destruction and difficulties that so many have faced because of freak weather events is not to my liking, and I have empathized with the pain so many have experienced.  That aside, and in no one's control, we are bracing for the brunt of hurricane Irene to hit the northeast US coast this coming weekend.  As we live about 750 feet from the coastline, we have reason to take the warnings seriously and prepare to the best of our ability.  I've brought in groceries and tomorrow will "honker down" and do what can be done outside to protect the house/garden as best we can.

It's always been my "thing" to be ready for a storm -  I like to have lots of good food on hand to prepare, water, candles, a few bottles of wine, and several projects lined up!  I've committed to take a table at the local farmer's market for the next two Wednesdays and all items must be hand crafted, not commercially/mass produced.  So I have been in production mode.  (hence, not much blogging - sorry!)  I've been a bizzy girl!

I had new business cards printed by Vistaprint with a byline that reads "Handcrafted Creations from Collected Cast-Offs".  Over time, I have amassed from yard/estate sales, Goodwill, Savers (my newest favorite!), etc. a number of small decor / home accessory items in need of a facelift.  Not that my warehouse wasn't stuffed to the gills already, but you know how that junkaholic sickness strikes.  There's ALWAYS room for one more irresistible item...

Take this little chair:  it called to me, "take me home..."  cute little shape, good condition, nicely made, cheeeeeep.  What to do with it?  How about stripes....

I cut strips of wood to fit the seat, and sprayed them ivory and barn red.  I sprayed the chair the same shade of ivory.  When dry, I glued the wood strips in alternating colors to the seat of the chair.  It's darn cute, if I must say so!

cute little birdhouse perch  ... or

home for a potted plant (coffee pot, that is - no pun intended!)
More to come on prep for the crafts endeavor - set up, other projects ...  hopefully, you'll get a few new ideas or just enjoy the pics!

Have a wonderful weekend, all - hope the storm spares you any and all issues!


  1. What a cute idea for that chair.

    Is it crazy to be a little envious of a hurricane? The build up, the adrenaline, the hunkering down . . . (not the destruction and misery of course).

    All you eastern coastal people are in my thoughts -- may you all weather the storm safely.

  2. We're watching Irene's progress with concern, even though we're the otherside of "The Pond". Experience here is that if it gets up as far as it seems to be heading, it will eventually turn right and head towards us - and we've had enough rain to last us till next year thanks! Hope it's not as bad for you as the build up described, and that your precautions keep you and yours safe.


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