22 July 2011

What Constitutes a True Junkaholic?

Junkaholic:  aka Junker.  Junkomaniac.  Junkster.  Junk Collector.  Junque Meister.  Lover of all, well, maybe not ALL, things JUNK.  Not Hector the Collector junk - but who's to criticize.  He loved his junk!

What lengths will we go to to attain the title of "Junkaholic"?  What are the attributes or traits of a true Junkaholic?

It was 95 plus degrees here today;  humid and oppressive.  I normally don't do junkin' on Thursday - I do have WORK to do, ya know.  But I was sitting having breakfast with Mr. WSN and my eye just seemed to drift to the classified section of the paper, and there it was, BIG and BOLD.  ESTATE SALE.  Today, Thursday.  Instant high gear..."gotta get to work early today, dear" and off to the shower I went.

The sale was twenty minutes away if the traffic was in my favor on I-95 near Long Wharf in New Haven.  It was!   I arrived and grabbed my necessities from the car:  glasses, $, keys ..... all in an over the shoulder, zippered bag (purchased for just such events and the occasional trip to a local casino) to keep my hands free to rummage and roam.

I always create a pile of my findings near the checkout person;  and I do have a strategy (often based on what's in the listing).  Today it was for basement, garage, kitchen first.  I go through quickly first, and then go back and take my time, from one end of the house to the next.  When I'm through, I ask for the tally of my findings and always say it's too much, over my budget.  Resolution comes quickly, and I leave with a smile on my face and great junk in my car!  It's a hoot!

Today, for the grand total of $32.00:

two old ladders (one handmade) three lidded porcelain kitchen tins, old sieve on stand
yes, I hand picked these with a project in mind - you'll see!

great old kitchen scale in nice condition, galvanized zinc can, little oil can, some old tools

fab old suitcase with nice leather trim
a nice cigar box filled to the brim with old square head nails, great old cookbook
two nice old percolators - remember when?
Today, I went for the more primitive looking stuff, other days it may be dishes or linens that suit my fancy - mostly always with some idea of what I want them for, but not always.  That's what makes it fun!

As to the attributes of a junkaholic - well, this is one for continued discussion, fer sure, and I would certainly love you to add your suggestions.  For starters:  passion, thinking out of the box, a bit of craziness ......


  1. Just don't give yourself a rupture when carrying the suitcase! It's OK, maybe, with nothing in it, but even a hanky seems to weigh a ton when you lift it. Look forward to seeing what emerges from this haul: did you ever hear about The Wombles of Wimbledon Common? They cleared up the litter left by us humans on that space of green in S.W. London, UK. Great reading for children (and adults) of all ages and they made music too!

  2. You are a junqueaholic after my own heart! One upon a time it was a passion for me, afterall one persons trash ... did well reselling on ebay, not an overly creative person unless in the kitchen.

    Just applied to the bloggers team, hope to see you more.

    Just started a new blog if you'd like to stop by sometime. I will be getting lots of goodies/posts there soon!


  3. Those old enamel tins with covers are awesome--I still have my grandmother's and use them to store leftovers in the fridge just like she did. So much nicer than plastics!


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