04 July 2011

The Fourth of July - Dallas Style

A happy Fourth of July to all!  

We are celebrating the fourth, Dallas-style, at a family wedding weekend.  As the temperature will again exceed 100 degrees, (as it has since we arrived on Thursday) we've spent limited time out of doors, as has the local population -  the streets are strikingly empty ...  feels a little odd as you walk about.

We're enjoying our five day mini-vacation at the Hotel Adolphus, which has a lot of old world charm, great architecture, and is nicely appointed.  Its downtown Dallas location has given us a nice vantage point to enjoy some of  the local sights.

from a tavern in the hotel
A visit to the Cathedral Guadalupe was recommended - this historic landmark, built in 1898-1902 by an architect whose identity remains a mystery, is said to be "the sentinel to not only the Catholic Church, but also the essence of a bygone era". Constructed of locally produced brick;   renovations over the decades have retained the integrity and dignity of the original structure.  Quite impressive!

As I always do, I shot a few images for my design element/background collection.  I'm sure people wonder what I'm up to with my camera pointed toward a brick wall or fence, clicking away ...  indeed, the work never ends!

With a rather large Brogan contingency in residence for the weekend, there always seemed to be a group at the City Tavern around the corner.  They have a great, varied menu ... and delicious food, amply served.  The service is friendly, fun, and attentive.  I MUST find the recipe for their creamy cilantro ranch dressing - yum!  And a nice selection of draught beers - my new favorite from the Driftwood Brewery in Oregon.  A great find overall!

And back to supplement a previous post, a new use for a vintage window:

Memorabilia - Pub Style
So we'll be celebrating Dallas style - at a barbecue, post wedding day ... wherever you are, or whatever you do, make it YOUR style.  Enjoy!

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