19 July 2011

Close to Cloche ... A Blog Event

Hot, humid summer day here along the CT coast.  I'm in my studio /warehouse doing my Etsy thing, and also trying to create some sense of order in this place so I can better function.  No easy task - I am the ultimate accumulator.

After a few hours, and with some progress, I tired of that task and went back to the computer, only to be distracted by the "lure of the blog".  I love to see what other people are up to, what projects they have going on, and am constantly inspired by the creativity I see.  I swear some of these gals don't sleep at night!  And I thought I was a hard worker...

I stumbled upon a blog event on a blog called "A Stroll Thru Life".   I don't do a lot of blog events - just can't seem to find the time.  But having just moved a cloche to a new storage spot a few minutes earlier, I decided I'd take a bit of a break and compose a few scenarios with things I had here in the studio - a little playtime, well-earned.  Some of what I've utilized here are found in my two Etsy shops. (www.thewellseasonednest.etsy.com and www.nestibles.etsy.com)

A little background, from Merriam-Webster:


noun \ˈklōsh\

Definition of CLOCHE

: a transparent plant cover used outdoors especially for protection against cold
: a woman's close-fitting hat usually with deep rounded crown and narrow brim

Origin of CLOCHE 

French, literally, bell, from Medieval Latin clocca

First Known Use: 1882

Well, there's surely no chill in the air here, but this is the closest I could come to the intent of the event!

a  cloche-shaped bird cage, faux paper flowers, a wire nest with vintage paper shreds and pink speckled wooden eggs
a wire cloche (used at picnics to keep pests off the food), the same metal nest with excelsior shred and buttercup and pale avocado speckled eggs, with a few faux silk sunflowers

the same wire mesh cloche as above, but this time with a real bird's nest (now abandoned), and a handmade vintage-inspired birdhouse
That is it - close to cloche!  Now, back to see what others have created....be well till next post.  
Thanks for stopping by!  If you haven't become a follower yet, please do...your company makes this all worthwhile.....


  1. Oh I love your wire cloche. It is wonderful. I have been looking for one similar. There seems to be so many pretty wire ones out there. Such fun and your vignettes are wonderful. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your wire cloche looks wonderful! I need one of these! Oh, our Dear Marty has a couple of these parties a year and I just love them. What a thrill to see what everyone does! I'm so glad you came to the party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I think you did a great job with your cloches! They are so clever!

  4. I love your wire cloche. Very cool!



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