08 June 2011

Putting Vintage Windows to Good Use . Part 1

To know me, you would know I am not one to pass by a curbside where there is a pile of "debris" that appears to be in need of redemption.  I will slow the car to a snail's pace and do the requisite pass-by scrutiny.  If there is an IOF (item of interest), naturally, I'll put the car in park and check it out.  If I can think of an immediate use and the item is clean, I have no problem snatching it up and claiming it mine.  You know, one man's trash is....well, you know the saying!

On several occasions, I've picked up vintage windows left for the trash.  More often than not, I find the panes intact, but the caulking usually old and pretty decrepit. No matter ... for me, they're still great junkin' finds to refashion in some way.  They often have great character and I'm sure if they could talk there'd be stories to tell.....

I recently picked up several more to add to my stash, and thought I'd share some ways to re-purpose these old gems that you might find interesting.

The obvious:  letting their own unadorned beauty be their best asset ...

here - atop a wonderful red piano

In her blog, Jaime Scott utilized favorite family photos in a horizontal treatment of an old window.  Nice!

In my half bath, I re-did an old window, removed the glass panes and had a local window place put mirrors in the panes.  (cost: $25.00, a reasonable price for a unique bathroom mirror, don't you think?) 

Chicken wire (or galvanized wire mesh, seen here) can be utilized when using the window for a cabinet door.  This adaptation could also function well as a bulletin board using clothespins or other clips to hold memos, lists, photos, and more.

Or, if you're really handy and/or industrious, make a cabinet:

Next on my list to try is to use some of that chalkboard paint I've had my eye on at Home Depot to make a kitchen memo board from one of my latest scavenged window finds.

Always so little time ... and so much I want to do.  I'm sure you can relate to that!

Till next time .......... be well! 


  1. I love the uses of the windows.
    Please check out my blog at

  2. Thanks for featuring my window cabinet. That cabinet can be seen here:

  3. Thank you for featuring my window. Youre so sweet! I loved getting some more great ideas for old windows!

  4. My pleasure, Gail and Jaime - thanks for dropping by to say "hello".

  5. Oooooo, so glad you posted this. Can't wait to show my husband that cabinet idea. I'm so thankful for him. He builds, I paint.


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