21 June 2011

Fresh From The Garden

Welcome to Tidbit Tuesday, a new feature for my blog.  Through a weekly theme, I hope to give you some inspiration, things to ponder, resources to use - simple vignettes for you to enjoy.   Today - fresh from the garden, on this first day of summer.

Fresh from my garden this morning:
Red Hot Poker . Torch Lily -  Hummingbirds Love It!
Window Box - just starting to shine! Coleus, Gazania, Sweet Potato Vine and Lantana
A Pot of Lemon Verbena - amazing fragrance, nice in teas and lemonade ... simply wonderful!
Painted Lady Runner Beans, beginning their upward climb

Wonderful Gardening Sites and Blogs:  

Food For Thought:  Fresh From the Garden Quotes....

Gardens are a form of autobiography.  ~Sydney Eddison, Horticulture magazine, Aug./Sept. 1993

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.  ~Author Unknown
Vintage Chinois or Conical Sieve - planted with a Super Petunia
Those of you who have a JoAnn's nearby - their garden pottery is 70% off at the moment.  I fashioned a birdbath from a pot yesterday, plugging the hole with a wine cork and some silicone and placing it on a vintage stand I had in the shed.

 Parting tidbit for today:

Teach a child the joy of gardening and they'll have a gift, and skill, for life!  Hannah and Jack - budding gardeners, their own potted tomatoes...gotta love the smile!
Hope you enjoyed the first segment of Tidbit Tuesday ...  as always, your comments mean a lot to me - share your thoughts or feel free to add your own "fresh from the garden" tidbit!    


  1. Great pics and love your quotes. Putting JoAnn's on my list of places to go this week (if my teen driver leaves me with a car perchance).

  2. Thanks for the tips and your little helpers are pretty darn cute!

  3. I love your use of non-garden objects in the garden! Your blog is wonderful - I spent way too much time here this morning!

  4. Love the use of the pot for lemon verbena. Does it have drainage holes? Did you drill holes in the bottom? We had verbena 2 years ago, left it overwinter and it came back - it was so big and I had no idea what to do with it (other than smell it), that we dug it out and threw it over the fence. :(

  5. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love how you've used some non-traditional objects in your garden. We made a planter out of our old grill. Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I'm going to look around for a while now.


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