20 June 2011

Creating Tags and Business Cards ... a few steps further

The other day I posted about a tag I had created for my Etsy shop.  Over the weekend I found some great  ideas others had come up with that are similar, but with a twist, taking the idea a step or two further.  Creative, inspiring - and worthy of sharing!

Shown here an inked stamp that can be stamped on almost anything, they say, making it quite environmentally friendly.  Cool idea, as you can actually carry the stamp with you and not have to tote a stack of biz cards.  Stamp and go!

 A recipe for chalkboard paint and using it to create tags from cereal boxes was a post on a cute blog called MessyMimi.  The tags are called, you guessed it, chalkboard tags.   I can see doing this for signs, too, or using the chalkboard paint formula on those old window frames.

 Lyssa Zimmerman made some real cute business tags impromptu style ..... done with a simple word document printed out on cardstock, and then zig-zagged on the sewing machine for a great personal touch.
one of those - "why didn't I think of that" moments.....
A few other clever ideas I garnered from smashingwall.com:
rubber stamp on clothespin - a re-usable biz card
love the integrated approach here and the little blotch of color around the punched hole for emphasis
simple punched circle with punched holes 
What makes them shine:
1.  the personal touch - not the same old, same old  /  a great way to stand out from the crowd and express your individuality
2.  so customizable - suit or fashion to the variety of your products, a specific occasion, your mood ... or use the same concept and change the content for a hangtag, business card, personal calling card ... you get it!
3.  use of available materials - use cereal boxes, beer cartons, greeting cards ... and more
4.  if you get tired of them or change your contact info, you can change them up in a jiffy

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