14 June 2011

Utilizing Old Window Frames (Part 2) . great inspiration or memo boards

For as long as I can remember, I've had an "inspiration board" - clipped tidbits, images, notes, quotes ... a myriad of things that get my juices flowing. It's usually over my desk where I can glance at it while I'm doin' my thing du jour, whatever that might be.  Or to use as a mental escape when I'm doing something mundane like writing bills or filing. ( oh, take me away! )  I've seen a lot of old window frames being re-commissioned to new tasks and thought this would be a worthy endeavor. 

On a recent sojourn to the local Goodwill, I happened upon an old frame that I really liked, and, as the price was right,  I snatched it up and put in my "what can I make with this at some point" corner.   On Sunday while doing forty other things (you know, the weekend list of TTD), I pulled it out and started to play.  (easily distracted, yes I am!)
It's a nice frame - has several "layers", one of them a linen-like fabric that I like, and some ridges and textures that make it attractive.  Finished in a traditional brown stain, which I roughed up with my trusty sander.  I then went to my supply of spray paint to see what called to me, and decided on this - one of my newest favorite colors.  Valspar calls it "New Avocado".
soft and alluring - yes?  not 1950's avocado, for sure

 I taped over the linen portion of the frame and sprayed away.
Back to same corner as above (!) I found a roll of partially used chicken wire  (love my stash!) ... and grabbed the staple gun.  Almost done!  

I think I've mentioned that I always like to work on a few things at once - so I went up to the kitchen and tinted some clothespins to coordinate, as closely as I could, with the frame color. Wah - La!
Now I'm getting to the smitten part cause it's almost "there", and I haven't run into any major snags ..... and, I like it!  (I'm definitely my own worst critic!)  

This is the first time I've worked with chicken wire in a bit, and I recommend gloves.  (which I didn't use, but you should!)  I guess I wasn't born to have ladylike hands cause they're always muddy from the garden or nicked and scratched from projects.....

So here's the finished project - ready for its Etsy debut.  If you haven't tried one of these frame projects, do so!  Great for memos, photos, kids artwork, add an "O" ring for your keys - lots of possibilities, and a fun project to boot!


  1. First, I am so happy to meet you, and thanks for joining TTT. I love your frame makeover. The chicken wire is just a fantastic idea, and the color is wonderful. I am really into green this year, so I love it. You have it displayed beautifully. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more. I followed you also. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh I like that - what an excellent idea. My stash is hidden away right now because we're trying to sell our house (decluttered like mad) and it's killing me not being able to rummage.

  3. You gotta love Goodwill!! Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

  4. This looks beautiful! I LOVE the green color on the frame and the use of the chicken wire...so creative! Thank you for linking this to the blogger block party. I'll be sharing this project on the SAS Interiors Facebook page!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  5. Thank you for sharing this craftuy idea. I bought a frame at a road side flea market, bought chicken wire(my husband thinks I am crazy "What does chicken wire have to do with a frame?" ..Just wait Honey... And it came out great and I hang it on my front door with a wreath holder to clip a note to to tell any guest we are out in the backyard or be back in 10 minutes...I LOVE IT!! Thank you, ROBIN

  6. Thank YOU, Robin - for dropping by and sharing your project. I love your idea of using it for communicating your whereabouts. I'm thinking now I have to make a little one for just that purpose! Stop by again! Best, Karen


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