01 April 2011

Hannah and Jack, great little people

An April Fool's joke, it is not - the icy snow crystals hitting the window of my studio office.  Just Mother Nature having her way with us - yet one more time.  Well, let's just crank up the tunes, grab a cup of coffee, and dig in to the pile of work that is screaming for attention.

But, first ... After finally watching the YouTube of the little toddler who laughed uncontrollably when his mother sneezed, I got to thinking that I hadn't yet posted (bragged!) about my two little grandkids - and grand kids they are!

My son and daughter-in-law extraordinaire (both of them)have BLESSED me with two grandbabies, Hannah who is 4 and Jack, who will be 3 in June.
the little family
They live about an hour plus south west of my CT home - WAY too far!  I visited last week, a "Gramma K" day.  "Uncle Frankie" came , too - I don't know who was more entertaining - him teasing them, or the kids themselves.   Either way, a GREAT day.   We colored, took a long walk, had a couple of meals, and an hour's rest at 1 (phew - recharge!) ... and then play, play, play - just as I like, LOVE it.
Hannah's into PROJECTS - a girl after my own heart.  She has Shirley Temple hair, a smile that could light up a dark night, and doesn't miss a trick!  She's also all girl - loves hello kitty, princesses, the color pink ... all of it! 
She has a VIP list on her wall (LOVE the lettering!).   When I asked her about it, she said it was a list of her most important friends.  (Little Jack is first - be still, my heart!)
Jack is all boy and all sports, although he will indulge me and sit and create pictures from time to time.  For a little guy he sure can hit a golf ball, and thinks he's Derek Jeter when he's got a bat in his hands.  And those big brown eyes - soulful and seductive.  He melts me!

A visit with them always ends the same way - I am thoroughly exhausted, covered with tidbits of food and glue from paper projects, and have a smile from ear to ear.  I drive away relieved for the moment from endless activity... but within 10 minutes (really, five!), I miss them and want more.  Simply cannot get enough of them - if you're a grandparent, you know exactly what I mean.  One of my life's greatest pleasures!

But that's not getting the work done...so off I am.  Glad for a weekend ahead.  Heading to the Bog Cabin, our first trip since the closing.  We were hoping to start cleaning but alas! still too much snow (and more as I write), and they can't get to the lines to set up propane tanks for hot water and heat!  But I will continue creating my notebook of plans and dreams for sunnier moments there.

Hope you have a "sunny" weekend - no matter what the weather!  What's on your "plate" this weekend?  Do share!


  1. Your grandchildren are so cute. I love being a grandma (they call me Fefe). I have three.
    Sorry to hear you can't get to the blog cabin yet.
    I'm having a read a lot weekend. :)

  2. Thx, Carol. Fefe is a new one to me - what's the origin? And the ages?

    A read a lot weekend sounds heavenly! I lose many an hour sleep getting caught up in blog reading - love it!


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