06 April 2011

Away With You Varmint...

I'm so very anxious to get my hands in the dirt and do some digging, but Spring has been a really long time coming here in southern CT.  Today was supposed to be partly sunny and a bit milder, but that didn't happen.  It's been pretty gray and chilly. And, as the saying goes, "to add insult to injury", when meandering through the garden this morning I noticed that some hungry little critter had dug up some of my sown, but not yet sprouted, peas.
Somewhat hard to see, but all across the two rows on either side of the twig "fences", quite evenly spaced (just like my seeds, coincidentally!) there were holes with small mounds of dirt beside them.   Squirrel or rabbit??? Hmmm.....

Thinking I wanted nothing to stand in the way of that first bowl of Pasta Primavera I so look forward to with fresh Spring veggies, I promptly soaked some more seeds in warm water and  inoculated them.  Then off to the shed to see if I could conjure up something to deter them.

In the "there's not too much I throw away if I see any potential use for it, now or 100 yrs. from now!" department,  I gathered up some metal grates I had saved for reasons now forgotten.  I pulled out the twig pea supports, replanted the seeds and placed the grates over them.  Then stuck the twigs back into the ground through the grates. 

In hind sight, I realized that I don't really need the branches until the peas grow (duh!) but I kinda like the look of them, standing at readiness for their job to be done.  I will have to remove the grates when the peas pop - hopefully, they'll be safe from the varmints then.

Beyond that, there was really nothing new to be seen in the garden - maybe this weekend I will start some lettuce, spinach, or other cool weather crop.  Perhaps I can remove the pine needle blanket I placed over the strawberries.  Even with little sun and even less warmth, there's always something to do in the kitchen garden.   And the constant company of the little birds tweeting about is just the perfect entertainment.
How true it is..."One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides."  ~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show  This is what I'm anticipating.....
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  1. I'm in Northeastern Ct. Can't put anything outside yet. I agree, can't wait to play in the dirt.

  2. I enjoy your comments, Carol. I think you've actually had it worse in Lebanon than we have had here. I drool when I read some of the other blogs on my list with their beauteous floral images and such. I mean, I know it will come but.....for now I'll try to appreciate the few seedlings that I've planted. I did notice tonite when I got home one, ONE!, blossom on my flowering quince. Yippee!

  3. I got to play in the garden today - preparing the soil. I am thankful. We will definitely have to meet up some day. We share a lot of the same interests.

  4. Agreed, Carol! I'll have to map quest the directions and see how far Lebanon is. Maybe we could meet halfway for lunch one day...?

    I'm totally envious of you digging! We were to the cabin in NH (post and pics to come) and still using the snow for a refrigerator! Oh, my - but all good things come to those who wait!

    You've gotta post about what you're planting and/or pics of your garden. Enjoy the week ahead!


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