23 March 2011

Sprouting Seedlings

Spring may be officially here, but you sure can't tell by the the outside temp and the snow shower I see through the window!

I am undaunted, however, knowing that it will come in due time and there's plenty enough to keep me busy inside till Mother Nature is ready...

The seedlings I planted a few weeks ago have sprouted for the most part.  (tomatillos, two chive varieties, and tomatoes) The peppers, however, have not shown their sweet faces - perhaps the seeds  needed special treatment in the fall to save them as I did for the tomatoes.  Gotta look that one up for the end of the season.  I love watching the seedlings grow!

I inoculated the pea seeds (early shelling peas from Burpee) and got them in the ground this past weekend: 

 I used some red dogwood branches for supports; they worked out quite well last year.  According to the packet there should be peas in 65 days - yum!  pasta primavera coming on!
A few surprises in the kitchen garden when I was planting the peas -  some lettuce coming up through the stone between the raised bed boxes ... Ah! the will to survive!
Some of the arugula has sprouted - and, boy, is it tender and tasty!
Ditto on the parsley - which was sooooo prolific last year -  much to my delight, because I sure use  a lot of it!  You may notice that it is outside the box - it was everywhere!
Can't wait to get it all cleaned up and "dressed" for the season ahead!

Off to woodworking class - new project to share and a nest tutorial  - coming up soon!

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