29 March 2011

Nifty Little Nests!

Always (always!) in search of new nests of varying formats, compositions, shapes and sizes, I received an order late last week from a wholesaler I found at the Orlando show I attended in January.  The shipment brought me new nests to play (!) with, and also provided me with a vehicle to try out a new technique I read about somewhere the other day.  Happy girl - new toy!

The nests are made from strips of metal randomly welded together to form a nest shape.  They're small, about 6 inches in diameter at the top, and sitting about 4 -5 inches high.  They've been welded by hand, so it seems, as no two are alike.  I really disliked the finish on them, but figured I would find a way to make them work for me.  Love their whimsical nature!

I spray painted one an antique white - fine, but still too stark for my taste.  Not time worn looking enough. 

Then, remembering what I had read, I filled a bucket with warm water and added a handful of table salt, stirring till it dissolved.   I put the nest in and just ignored it for a few days.  This is what it looked like at that point:
just right!
after   ...   before
 And now to embellish a bit...some sprigs of fresh pussy willows - love 'em!
Some brown speckled eggs:
And, my favorite - ready as an element for a spring centerpiece, complete with little wooden handpainted and speckled eggs:
And (keeping a few for me!) also ready to list on Etsy....


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your process, what a cool nest, great for easter and then just for. Love it!

  2. THANK YOU for sharing that cool make-it-rusty recipe! Fantastic! Your little bird nests are just adorable! :)

    xoox laurie


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