16 March 2011

Friday Finds, Foraging and Follow-Ups

Should have called this post Frenzied Friday - sort of felt like a ping pong ball all day.  But in a very short time, I'll be in weekend mode, and that's just fine with me!  

First want to share two new websites that I found today that would be useful for Etsy shopowners and fellow bloggers.  One is called Shape Collage and it's a cool site where you can make photo collages in a heartbeat.  I was going to show you a finished product today, but time ran out.  It was recommended to me and thus I'll pass on the recommendation.  You can make a collage in a shape, too.  

Kontactr is a site where a highly secure contact form can be generated and embedded into your website and blog.  I found it on a blog called Etsy's Got Talent - a new blog venue whose goal is to " showcase talented etsians and make the blog a destination for Etsy lovers and shoppers alike."  A noble venture indeed, and well worth a a look!

OK - on the foraging side.  I left the house this morning to pop in on an estate sale (that's coming next....) before heading for my studio.  En route, however, two stops (not including Dunkin' Donuts) compelled me to put the car in neutral and make a quick pick-up.  Maybe people have started to spring clean?????  Oh, say that it's so!
You see wood, I see bird houses!
Propped up against a tree, with a few other plastic things I passed on:  this mirror - awful picture, fine mirror!  The trim around the mirror is in wonderful shape and I think once it's cleaned and highlighted with some antiquish-white diluted paint, it will be pretty.  Even has a label on the back that reads  "Syroco Wood" and Made in the USA.   

Yep - it was a nice start to my day...

On to the estate sale...the sale was smaller than the last I went to but definitely worth the twenty minute trip - some highlights:
LOVE, LOVE these glasses, Johnson Bros. English ironstone, pretty vintage tole serving tray
 old games and books
some old tinware
As for follow-up,  the tomato seedlings have sprouted, a few chives and tomatillos, but no peppers??? Hmmm...don't know what to make of that, but it sure is nice seeing those other little babies pop out of the soil.

Not much progress to speak of in getting the warehouse/studio in some semblance of order .. always so many other things that take the limelight.  You know how that is - right?   And, in the birdhouse department, one being painted and one ready to go.  Bring on the springtime birds, building their nests and starting their families...
(The right flat edge goes flat against a tree or beam.  Not my own design  ...  sure hope the birds like it.)

My very first woodworking project - ever!  All fingers intact, too.  Yahoo...life is good!

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