06 March 2011

Food For Thought

This morning the New York Times had an interesting article in the Opinions section that stemmed from a Gallup survey dealing with happiness.  The Times asked Gallup to come up with a statistical composite for the happiest person in America, based on the characteristics that most closely correlated with happiness in 2010, in part of an effort to measure components of  "the good life."

Gallup's answer was: "He's a tall, Asian-American, observant Jew who is at least 65 and married, has children, lives in Hawaii, runs his own business and has a household income of more than $120,000 a year."

I consider myself a happy person;  in fact, it takes a lot to get me down.  I only meet a few of the above criteria though, so I guess I don't fit "the norm."  I will say that the article made me stop to think about what it is that makes me happy and where my optimistic, generally easy-going nature derives from. 

I am happiest when those I love are in a good space - healthy, at peace, and able to cope with the hassles that everyday living can bring.

It makes me happy to brighten someone else's day or help someone in need.

I love a comfortable balance of work and play.

I love to see people being nice to one another and not taking advantage of others, my spirituality.

My sense of well-being originated in large part from my Dad, I believe.  He taught us through example and with a smile on his face, even when times were hard.  He is 91 today (I think I previously mentioned that!), and has his share of medical ups and downs but, to this day, keeps a smile on his face and joy in his heart.  He certainly taught me a work ethic - and I do like to work hard.  He was ALWAYS kind and giving to others. And he always let me know in some fashion that he believed in me, appreciated me and thought I could do anything, go anywhere....and he STILL does!  Whatta guy!

What makes you happy?  Where does your sense of contentment come from?

I hope your Sunday is a happy one!  Would love to hear your comments...

BTW - The article also said that, in general, men are happier than women.  Interesting!


  1. Hi. Thanks for your kind comment, and welcome to blogland. Let me know if I can help you with anything; although I also consider myself new at this and don't have it all figured out.
    What makes me happy? Well, I think women have more ups and downs as we're more emotional than men, and maybe that is why 'men are happier' lol. But, for me, it helps to know that God is in control, so I don't have to be, and time with my hubs antiquing and time with my family is the best.
    Hope you have a great Sunday, too!
    ~ Julie

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Julie, and for your offer of help. Nice to have blogging friends - I'm enjoying the interaction...

  3. Really, it's the simple things that make me happy. The sun shining, getting a great cup of coffee, hanging out with my mom, walking around taking pictures, painting... I don't need a whole lot of fancy things like ipads (though, that would be nice) or expensive cars. In fact, if I had things like that, then I would have to WORK more to afford them!!!!

    Good luck with the blogging! I'd say you're off to a tremendous start!!!

    take care!

  4. I so agree about the simple things - never to be taken for granted. Thanks, April, for stopping by to leave a comment. Just paid a visit to your blog, as well - really nice, enticing! I signed on, anxious to see more. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  5. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog. I think the watercolor would make pretty fabric as well.

    I know that being with the ones I love always makes me the happiest. I wonder how they measured happiness in the article? Did they say?

  6. Not specifically, Jenny, but this section probably came closest to an explanation of how they measured happiness and/or what factors they looked at:

    Nice to hear back from you!

  7. I think simpler people are happier. That's why men are happier than women I guess. lol

    Karen, I just visited your shop and love it. I'll add it to my blog.

  8. That's great - thank you! I've got a post in the works that links back to you "Etsy's Got Talent" blog, too. Keep an eye out for it.

    Enjoy the weekend ahead and the extra hour of daylight - yippee! Karen


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