20 March 2011

The Bog Cabin

What's a bog cabin, you ask?  I'm here today to introduce you to the newest, most exciting thing in my life at this moment.  A new playhouse, new decorating venue, nature retreat, little piece of heaven....it's a cabin on 8 acres across the street from a bog!
bog across the street
On Monday morning, 10:30 to be exact, my guy and I close on a "little cabin in the woods"  in New Hampshire.  We've been looking for more than a year for just the right place, at just the right price, with just the right feel.  And just a few short weeks ago, we found it!  Albeit, deep in snow - it is New Hampshire, after all!
The cabin is 1100 sq. ft. has 2 bedrooms, one bath, a great stone fireplace, and a lot of wood - beams, wide plank wood floors - all hand crafted.  
The kitchen is small but sweet - one of my favorite features are the children's handprints in the countertop:
Another spot I love is a room in the back, lots of white with wood, that faces the back woods (which we haven't been able to see much of because of the mounds of snow!)
The room, yet unnamed, is one I can't wait to decorate with just the right furnishings - it has such an inviting feel and I envision spending a lot of time there.  I think a big old farm table, perhaps a few comfy chairs, artwork, lots of artwork around the house to brighten the walls.  Hmmm....lots to think about.

There is so much natural beauty in the area I can't wait to explore!  Not to mention, there's also a treehouse we can see from the back room, but haven't been able to get to yet.  (The grandkids, Hannah and Jack, are gonna love it!)

I'm packing frantically, planning and scheming - and loving every minute! 

In my enthusiasm, I decided to commemorate the moment by having a sign made.  I, natch, logged into Etsy and started my research.  It didn't take long to zero in on a shop whose work I immediately "took to" called  Simply Zofia.  I can't praise Amy highly enough!  She was a pleasure to work with - so accommodating, and her work is simply AMAZING!  When the sign arrived yesterday, (thanks to Amy putting a rush on it) it brought tears to my eyes!  She "nailed it"!

Well, gotta run.  Lots to do to get ready for a big day tomorrow.  More to come!

Enjoy your Sunday!  I'll be back asking for decorating advice in a few days...... :)


  1. Oh my gosh! That place is so nice. I'm so jealous.


  2. Love it! Congrats on this new adventure...looking forward to seeing what you do with the place! Thanks for the plug to...the sign works perfectly - it was your vision!

  3. Amy and Angie -Your support is really nice! I'm pleased you stopped by to wish me well...more details to come. Karen

  4. Awesome - can't wait to see it's progress.

  5. Thanks, Carol - It'll be always, a work in progress, as I like it. Keep tuned for updates as they happen! Nice of you to drop on by!


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