04 March 2011

Blog Building

So you all know I'm new at this blogging thing and you're also learning that I am resourceful and LOVE to learn, so I'm giving this my all for as much time as I can devote.

How am I learning?  A lot of reading, first off.  Reading other blogs, seeing how they do things.  Reading articles about blogging.  Bought a Dummies guide to Blogger.  Commenting on blogs to see how that figures in to the picture. 

Life experience (and I've had a bunch of it!!!) tells me that sometimes you just have to dig in and get your feet wet, and learn as you go.  I tend not to embrace that philosophy fully as I'm Virgo and tend to feel more comfortable in a think-it-through, plan it, organized structure.  But here - what do I have to lose?  NOTHING, really.  The worst case scenario is that my blog is a big FLOP and my work was for naught.  Well, we've all been there before.  And you know the phrase, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."  And actually, it isn't for naught anyway, because it's giving me the chance to put my thoughts, plans & schemes, dreams & goals, in print ...  and gives, I think, a sense of validity to my efforts.

I've been taking lots of notes, too, on features I like on blogs I visit.  Also, on promotions and other blog "events", all for a point of reference as I develop my style and approach.  A case in point is a  blog named The Brambleberry Cottage.  Liz has a very active and very personable blog.  When I read her posts, she seems so real to me.  Liz was kind enough to follow up on a comment I made the other day on one of her posts by responding to several of mine.  Her welcoming and encouraging comments meant a lot to me. She does blog events and encouraged me to join in, as a means of gaining exposure for my blog and Etsy shops.  And, even though those types of things are new to me, it's time to spread my wings, and fly a bit.  I want to publicly thank Liz for her spirit of friendship and camaraderie.

I highly encourage you to check Liz' blog and join in, as well.  You'll love, to quote Liz, her "romantic union of Yankee ingenuity and Southern charm".

Also, there's a wonderful giveaway on her site through the 19th of March for a $40. shopping spree at any of the CSN online shopping sites.  Who wouldn't want to shop free for hip, stylish home decor items?  Click the button in the lower sidebar for details.

I hope, down the line, to give some other blogging newbie the same welcoming spirit and sense of encouragement that Liz has given to me.  

Thanks, Liz.
little bird ready for flight

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