05 February 2011

Signs of Spring

Well, not if you look out of my living room window!  I am gazing, literally, at the seashore and it's looking pretty gray, icy, dismal.  I must say the trees have looked beautiful with their icy covering - a photographer's delight I would imagine. 
 The pine trees we planted in the fall are struggling to keep their little heads afloat.
Our garden shed today...
and at the start of last summer!

I was reading a few of my favorite blogs earlier today and was surprised (envious!) to read that in some parts of the country bulbs are starting to poke their sleepy heads out of the ground.  All that being said and seen, I do see some encouraging signs here at home...

The seed catalogs are arriving....
The Meyer Lemon and Bay Leaf plants I brought inside at the end of last season have begun to sprout anew.  
A Meyer Lemon plant is delight to behold - beyond the fruit, the blossoms are beautiful and fragrant. 

I guess for now I'll continue to enjoy the confines of my "nest", and the comforts, projects and pleasures inherent within.  No complaints!

A little preview of next week - my first tutorial, pretty basic, but a new venture for me, and one I hope you'll like.  And I have some resources to share...please do drop on by!

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