08 February 2011

Junkin' Verdict

The verdict is in - guilty as charged...I am a junkin' junkie.  I can't deny it, I won't apologize for it, and I hope there's no cure.   I must admit I get a rush when I find a sale, an abandoned dumpster, curbside pickup, whatever, that has items that seem to call out my name and plead "take me home."

I came upon an estate sale this past weekend that gave me a high!  A fab collection of wonderful old items, in great condition, and priced just right.  It was the estate of a 94 yr. old woman. (as I discovered from a neighbor who was also "on the hunt"!)  She married late in life, her husband had pre-deceased her and there were no children.  Apparently, her money came from a family corsetry business that she sold at some point to Playtex.  She lived in the house until she passed.  It was a lovely home and I could almost feel her there - I believe her to have been a refined and cultured woman who lived well, but not ostentatiously.  She had wonderful taste and took care of her things.  It somehow felt nice to know something about her...I'm not quite sure why.

My Scion was filled to capacity when I left - no prob! I'm still going through my "take", discovering little things in box lots I had loaded into the car.  Here's a preview...all to be listed on Etsy in the days to come.
a few pieces of enamelware, cute retro countertop rack
there were some amazing books
                   cute little English biscuit tin
I got the ultimate compliment as I made my final trip to the car, traipsing through the snow and ice with treasures under both arms, and a smile on my face.  A man who I had run into inside the house offered to help, then said, "You're a real good picker!".



  1. Well, from what I see here, that man was correct. You are a good picker. That's the best part to me - picking out the goodies. And I'm right with you as a junkin' junkie. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. Yep - I was delighted! To me, it's a natural high when you stumble upon a really good haul....


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