12 February 2011

It's all about Etsy!

I love this Etsy place I call "home" on the internet.  It's an alive place loaded (beyond loaded!) with creative people, fun spirits, amazing products, and kindred souls.

When I closed my "home and garden" brick and mortar shop a few years ago, I moved to CT to care for my aging parents.  I brought with me my website and a ton of inventory, as well as my sense of adventure and love of retail - all intact!  My Mom has since passed on, but my Dad is very much still with me at the wonderful, but fragile, age of 91.  I visit with him practically every day in the health care center he now calls home, and while he is now wheelchair bound and has a number of "afflictions", he has an amazing spirit, and an indefatigable love of life and people.  I am blessed to still have his presence in my life!

And, along the way in my transitional phase,  I found Etsy - it was (is!) exactly what I needed.  Etsy helps bring purpose and structure to my day, gives me the opportunity to do what I really love, and also a reason (beyond my home environment) to indulge in my "thrill of the hunt" and my need and desire to create.  And as an added plus - the interaction with some amazing people and the ability to connect with like-minded individuals any time of the day or night, any day of the year.  

Yep ... the ins and outs of Etsy took some time to adjust to, and the task of integrating Etsy into my daily routines (aka "having a life"!) was cumbersome at times until I got a rhythm going - but I'm smitten.  Etsy has become a vital part of my everyday life.  And I really do like the fact that I am my own boss, make my own hours, and have to answer to myself ... and my expectations for myself are quite high.

If you haven't had a chance, do check out my two shops on Etsy.  "The Well-Seasoned Nest" (the name of my previous b&m shop) is my vintage shop and also the place to find supplies, display items and packaging materials for your home, garden and shop.  My new baby is "nest.ibles", my handcrafted and re-crafted shop.  I still have "miles to go before I sleep" but I love my new day job.....

What are my Etsy and work-related goals?  To hone my skills, pump up my shop listings, work hard at this blog, and try to stay on top of my game, providing excellent customer service and achieving viability in the small business world.  At the top of my list is creating a website to increase my visibility out there, and I do have to figure out this SEO stuff, cause it really is important.

That all being put into print, I better go check in on Dad and get back to work. I have a job to do!

Would love to know your goals, and what you like about being a part of the Etsy or other small business community...or do you just love to create for the pure pleasure it brings to your life?

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  1. You have some really nice items for sell in your etsy store. I really need to work harder at mine. Thanks for the inspiration!


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