23 February 2011

Born to Build Birdhouses!!??

yep, just something I've ALWAYS wanted to do.  My DOD (dear old Dad!) was (is!!) good at many things but using a hammer and tools was just not his thing.  When I got to junior high, they wouldn't allow me to take SHOP! cause I was on an "academic track".  (Ironically, I wound up becoming a Home Ec. teacher, for real, for 29 years ... and, yes! ...  I'm still okay!)

And so went life, till I got an Adult Ed. brochure a few months back and actually opened it.  (I usually toss them - one less thing to pile up on the dining room table for future reads)  It opened (honestly) to a page where "Basic Woodworking" was the first thing I saw.  It must have been meant to be.  I signed up, and convinced my sweet neighbor, Pete, to come along with me.

In the opening class last week we went through safety, types of wood, the machines, etc. and talked about what project we were each interested in.  I had about 500 projects in mind, as usual, but decided to start slow and easy and make a birdhouse.

After way too much research on the web (the clock ticking - so little time, so much I want/need to do), I found free plans for a birdhouse with a side entrance hole.  I loved the unique shape of the structure, and thought it looked like something I could handle.  I also gathered up two items from my arsenal of birdhouses, decorative and functional, to try and reproduce.  Hopefully, they'll all be showing up in some form in my Etsy shop, nestibles, soon.  Here's a preview: 
small, but sweet     solely decorative     pastels, perhaps?
this is an ornament I bought some time ago, rustic but captivating
If my fingers are still intact tomorrow and I am able to type, I'll let you know how we made out.  (Pete's making a mantel - he's a brave boy, I'm a wimp, but an excited-to-try-this-new-skill, one!)  Wish me luck.

Till then....

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