12 January 2011

Revamp. Reorganize. Renew.

A self-declared snow day today - not that I could have gotten my car out of the driveway anyway!  Sure felt nice to take my time, prepare a nice breakfast.  No NYTimes delivery, however.  Missed the Dining section I always enjoy on Wednesday morning...did catch up on the sections I didn't get to on Sunday.

Charted out the day over coffee with Fran, my VIP (very important partner).  He, unfortunately, did have to get to his office, so after he left I made "THE LIST".  Put on a scrap of paper at least 14 items to work on at home, knowing quite well that I could never get to them all.. A gal has to have options, I often say!

I opted to start the one I always seem to put off, not because I don't want to do it but because it's a "PROJECT", if you know what I mean.  My home office/crafting space is often the drop-off place at the top of the stairs and the piles in there can get quite intimidating sometimes.  I am a collector, and often save articles to be filed, ideas I run across, tidbits of this and that.  It's hard to work on creative projects when you constantly have to move piles about, as you know.  
And so I began....here's my progress: 
Sorted through my trims, beads, ribbons, etc. and put them into the clear plastic totes I got at IKEA and organized them on the, also IKEA, shelf sections Fran put up for me last weekend.  That made a huge difference and now I even know what I have!  Amazing....
Ribbons in Dutiful Rows!

IKEA to the rescue again -
these gray metal file cabinets are wonderful, as is this adjustable height table (with separate bookcase also underneath) - really well-priced and very functional.

One more storage solution that works for me for small stuff, stored in recycled cans.  (The contents are clipped on the outside to ID the contents inside.)  The unit is from Home Depot, hung on the back of the entry door with two over-the-door hooks.
Not bad for a days work - that being said, I only got to number one on my TTD list.  Maybe I'll declare another snow day tomorrow and tackle the rest!  Now off to prepare dinner...hope your day was a good one, and you felt productive, too.



  1. It is beautiful x such a haven x love it! x Leigh x

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Congratulations, lovely space.

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words. I feel blessed to have a room where I can create, collect my thoughts, and contemplate projects to come!


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