30 January 2011

Food For Thought

Reading the NYTimes in the morning is part of my daily routine, cup of coffee in hand.  Natch, I don't read cover to cover but enough to get my daily fix of news and the special interest sections that vary from day to day.  I scan the headlines and read those stories of interest to me or applicable to my life in some fashion.

In the "Business Day" section of the Times yesterday, a headline on the front page caught my eye..."Decor? Next to Hardware".  The word "Decor", a subject close to my heart, compelled me to read on.   The article dealt with changes in the approach Home Depot and Lowe's are taking to simplify shopping for women in their stores.  One woman was quoted as saying that "it's intimidating for any female to walk into a home improvement store."  

I personally am bothered both by this comment and by the the fact that HD is redesigning their merchandising "so a buyer can assemble a coordinating living room or match pieces for a Martha-approved bath by selecting from a single line of stickers." (icons designed to match up/coordinate to one another)
Is this not demeaning?  Don't they get it that we have our own sense of style and are savvy enough to choose what works for us and our living spaces?

I, for one, am not at all intimidated by a hardware or home improvement store...quite the opposite.  They are among my "haunts", places I go to scavenge and scour.  I am a productive and resourceful woman, and while I am not afraid or reticent to ask for help when needed, I can hold my own, yet am also eager and ready to learn.

The caption "To woo women, Home Depot adds Martha Stewart" was highlighted.  Believe me, I don't need Martha Stewart products to "woo" me - I'm way more enticed by great selection, prices and service - no matter where I choose to shop.

Just my opinion!


  1. Eh. I understand where you are coming from, part of me is offended. However I also have a lot of friends who don't approach design with the same "fervor" -- I think for a lot of people decor is a chore and designing is confusing. I have difficulty locating specific items in huge home improvement stores but I'm not afraid to ask. Most of the people who work in my local hardware store are older men so I do feel like I'm being stereotyped-- I had an employee ask me if I was actually going to try to replace a ceiling light by myself--- as if matching black and white wires was beyond my ability.

  2. I love hardware stores and all the pieces. I am not afraid to go in and ask for what I need. I do agree that some women and maybe some men don't have a clue.

  3. I've shopped at Lowe's and Home Depot for years. It's not unusual for me to know more than the sales people. I do my homework before I go and it seems a bit condescending to assume that women aren't capable of buying there.

    I don't need Martha Stewart to advise me and I avoid anything with her name on it. I have no admiration for her, quite the opposite, actually.

  4. I SOOOOO agree with you all and appreciate the feedback. I think the "Martha-approved bath" was the killer for me. I personally don't need Martha to approve my bathroom! LOL.


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