13 January 2011

Etsy Shop #2

Just an quick update to share...I launched my second Etsy shop today.  The name of the shop is Nest.ibles (www.nestibles.etsy.com) and will feature items which I've hand-crafted or re-crafted from found materials.  I've just listed my first two items, now that my studio/office is workable again!!  (remember yesterday's post???)  Lots more to come...I'm  in a creative state of mind, and I love that energy rush!

Here's what I listed today.  Thanks to the direction of one of the Etsy forums I created the banner in PowerPoint - it was so easy.  I had no idea I had it in me...

Check out the shop and let me know what you think.  You'll find descriptions of the items there, too.

Off to have some dinner and plan my next creation....stay tuned.


  1. I especially liked the love cards. They are very pretty. I am excited to see more items there.
    I was curious about the name: nest.. ibles. what is the second part mean?

  2. A Cup of Sparkle, nice to hear from you! Working on new items in the studio, as we speak. Between launching this blog and opening the new shop, I've been one busy gal. About the name, I just wanted something unique that would tie in with The Well-Seasoned Nest as the "parent" shop. I came up with it in the shower one morning and played with some product labels, and it just kinda stuck with me. Totally just out of the blue....


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