27 January 2011

Back in the swing of things....

Vacations can be great, but for me, it's always nice to be back home - to my own bed and the daily grind...(both the coffee and the routine!)

We flew in late Tuesday night, and have pretty much been shoveling snow ever since....that part of the grind is not to my liking!  With more snow in the immediate forecast, this is one January for the books, and we've got a long way yet till Spring.

my garden shed this morning
the kitchen garden
But, since one has to deal with things that can't be changed, I'll just jump back into project mode and occupy my little self!

I found the ACRE show in Orlando was lackluster and pretty uninspiring, much to my disappointment.  Attendance by both vendors and attendees was quite poor.  I allowed four hours to get through it and was done in less than one hour.  While there (with time to spare), I went to the adjacent Orlando Gift Show;  it too was pretty meager.  I did, however, manage to find some "toys" to bring ho play with in the cash and carry portion of the show.  Couldn't beat the prices and a great selection - here's a sampling:
beads and baubles

    starfish and seashells

During the trip I also stumbled upon a specimen of nature that both intrigued and delighted me.  As you may have figured out, I'm enamored (okay - perhaps mildly obsessed!) with birds and their nests.  Just something about them has always interested me.  

I saw these nest-like structures in some oak trees on the property where we were staying - never seen anything like them before.  Not sure if they're a type of moss or what, but I liked them well enough to cart them home on the plane.  (anyone have any idea what they may be???)
oak tree "nests"                I love their quirky, free-style character.

See the acorns?  Brought a bunch of them home, too.  Different than those here in the Northeast.  Hmmm .... have to decide where/how to use them. They're drying in the oven as we speak!

Signing off for now - till next time, be well and happy...


  1. Your post on the promotions page caught my eye. Just wanted to say hello and to drop by. ;-)

    Follow you, follow me, best of luck there may be.

  2. Thanks, Andrea, for taking the time to drop on by and sending good luck my way! Enjoy your weekend.


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